Jamie Moakes
May 9 - June 7, 2015

YOU WILL BE RARE, is a multi-year project involving Moakes obsessively collecting figurines of Ram-Man, an obscure character in Mattel’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series of toys, comic books, and television cartoons. Through his collecting efforts, Moakes creates an alternative economy for the Ram-Man figurine, playing with ideas of scarcity and value, satire and homage, fine art and popular culture.

This first time solo exhibition of YOU WILL BE RARE features Moakes’ entire collection of Ram-Man action figures, a printed book about the project, and interactive tablets streaming the artist's YouTube channel.

Live Sales Pitch
May 9, 2015

Jamie Moakes presents a satirical sales pitch for the Ram-Man action figure."I have found a stark comparison between an hour I spend on stage convincing an audience to buy one of my Ram-Mans and the hardcore sales effort that Mattel put into the He-Man characters; the - almost impressive - way that Mattel made a toy for every character of He-Man to influence children to want them feels comparative to my work. However, they were trying to do the opposite; they didn't want their figures to become rare!" -Jamie Moakes

Photos by Joe Freeman