Watch Yourself Rot
Jennifer Mehigan
Nov 12 - Dec 17, 2016

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Watch Yourself Rot presents new work from artist Jennifer Mehigan that addresses the aesthetics of excess, overkill, and queer femme desire. Referring to her process as “appropriating materials from the archives to become malleable forms,” Mehigan assimilates heavily layered imagery, mixing abstracted fluid forms and reappropriated internet content. With video and prints containing mythological figures, neolithic tombs, sex toys, cake, and a range of 3D bio-models Watch Yourself Rot embodies the rawness of online teen goth fantasies.

The viewer is led into the gallery space up a flight of deep red stairs and flesh pink walls. Large scale prints and sticker arrangements are scattered about the gallery walls and floor. A separate room contains a fully immersive 3 channel installation that envelops the viewer into the artist’s mesmerizing, grotesque, and highly saturated video work. Pleading and at times screaming for the cultivation of a new female identity, Watch Yourself Rot introduces a paradox between the softness and aggression of the evolving femme cultures.

Photos by Joe Freeman