Rage Wave
Sam Vernon
Sept 10 - Oct 23, 2016

Interstitial launches its Fall 2016 programming with Rage Wave a solo exhibition by New York based artist Sam Vernon. Rage Wave presents a multimedia, site specific installation responding directly to the culture within Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Vernon uses the gallery space to explore themes of body, labor, domestication, and the boundaries between public and private. Vernon invited local artists to participate and respond the the installation through performance, text, and visual contributions. Exploring drawing as technology and questioning how the image is transformed when it is reproduced as direct digital media, Vernon activates the installation by “ghosting” her images, a process she defines as: “exploiting the notion of a pure identification of black and white and signifying the essentialism of symbolic meanings and all its associations.”

Plastering the gallery walls with found materials, video projections, and xerox copies of the artist’s original drawings, Rage Wave acts as an expanding platform in cultivating personal identity. The gallery is left seemingly unfinished, as if the installation were still a work in progress, the floor littered with hardware and paint splatters. A projector lies on the floor, another placed on a step stool; their arrangements still being determined. Vernon uses these materials to develop a visual history revolving around the value of community as we continue to craft personal, cultural, and regional identity in the digital age.

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Our Present Hauntology: Poetic Responses to Sam Vernon's Rage Wave
Oct 7, 2016

Facilited by poet and scholar, Natalie Martínez, Interstitial is proud to present Our Present Hauntology: Poetic Responses to Sam Vernon's Rage Wave. Poets and artists, Aaron Reader, Fernando Pérez, Catron Booker (recorded in Oaxaca, Mexico), Joy Okot-Okidi and others who will be sharing their responses to Vernon's art.

Photos by Joe Freeman