On Indigo Echo
Nichole van Beek
Jan 9 - Feb 2, 2016

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On Indigo Echo presents new textile and mixed media installation work, evoking themes of ritual and technology through the lens of contemporary craft. Artist Nichole van Beek uses the bright palette and geometric forms typical of internet based art, replicating these forms in traditional “handmade” mediums such as dyed textiles and macramé.

Van Beek fills Interstitial with a quilted assemblage of textile pieces, macramé hangings, and found objects, On Indigo Echo binds the gallery through visual fibers. Incorporating the ritualistic processes of collecting, patterning, weaving, and knotting, van Beek develops an installation evocative of 70’s mysticism, and a well-curated Instagram feed.

"She keeps returning to Indigo Echo, growing out of a fear of the infinite disappearance of suns. In her scattered patterns samples sleep. Fingers triangulate frozen leaves until morning blooms magenta. Open Your Silver Heart! is the song that plays, whirring beyond the mountainous haze here at home. Woven into it, to jar extra-terrestrial perception, are mirrored many-times over words. This time, they shine darkly in a worm-holed contraption made of hemp and hair and breath as cold rains knot around a verdant nest."
- Nichole van Beek

Photos by Joe Freeman