Photos by Joe Freeman

Mutual Therapy
Nat Evans
Nov 7, 2015

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Mutual Therapy by Nat Evans is an opportunity for plants and humans to enjoy a relaxing, mutually beneficial sonic environment - soothing tones, blankets and clean air for humans, with gentle sunlight and sounds to boost the immune systems of plants. Recent research at the University of Missouri has demonstrated that plants respond to recordings of insects eating plants by creating additional defense chemicals that repel future attacks.

The sonic environment combines these sounds with soothing sounds for humans to enjoy. People are encouraged to bring their own plants from home and come relax in this pleasant environment. Participants can also leave for a time while their plants continue to receive sonic therapy, or simply come and enjoy an abundance of clean air and interact with the many additional plants which will be inhabiting the gallery for this installation and event. Additionally, people will be able to have their plants Tarot cards read by Hongzhe Liang and Ripple Fang, further strengthening the inter-kingdom bond.