make boring
Ellen Xu
June 10 - Aug 5, 2017

Interstitial presents make boring a site-specific installation by Chinese-born artist Ellen Xu. Using a combination of sculpture and drawing, Xu creates an immersive dreamlike environment. The artist describes her process as “exploring the notion of how stereotypes within a system can be redefined through the application of actions, performance, and imaginative play.” Working in a slow, methodical, and repetitive process, Xu responds to the unique architectural features of Interstitial’s gallery space to execute the densely sculptural installation.

Building from a drawing element in the back corner of the gallery, Xu uses popsicle sticks, varied sizes of cut wood, and dripping red hot glue to construct the installation. By the time of the opening, the artist will have spent nearly two weeks living and working in the gallery, responding to the physical and emotional characteristics of the space to build a complete and unifying structure. Acting as a diorama into Xu’s world, make boring resembles a net holding the gallery together, inviting the viewer into everything the informs that artist’s life, identity, and sense of place.

Photos by Joe Freeman