Delusional Mandala
Lu Yang
Jun 11 - Aug 7, 2016

Exhibition Review

Delusional Mandala presents a digitized self portrait of the artist as an asexual humanoid. This speculative work investigates the material basis of personal identity. What would we look like if we had limitless power to transform ourselves? Armed with an eclectic mix of source materials, including bioscience, world religions, gender psychology, and gaming culture, Lu initiates a process of radical self-examination and metamorphosis.

In the video work, an avatar representing the artist undergoes deep brain stimulation through various neurological experiments to obtain an elevated state of being. As a result, complete consciousness is achieved, the physical body dies, and a ceremonial hearse transports the enlightened to its next state of being. Delusional Mandala introduces religious imagery revolving around themes of the physical world’s impermanence and navigating personal identity in the digital age.

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Photos by Joe Freeman