Tabita Rezaire
May 19th - June 30th, 2018

Interstitial presents Deep Down Tidal, a panoramic single-channel video installation by Johannesburg-based Tabita Rezaire. Deep Down Tidal depicts optic cables - the foundational structure of the internet - laid through sunken cities, forming an interface through which to engage with the legacies of colonialism. This mythological and historical narrative graphically demonstrates how the physical infrastructure of the internet is built on routes of slave trading and colonial settlement.

Rezarie incorporates the concept of “transoceanic networks” to examine the political and technological effects of digital communications. The artist describes her work as “digital healing activism as a strategy to envision decolonial technologies through which we can holistically connect to ourselves, to one another, to the earth, and to the multiverse.”

Taking a voyage from Atlantis along the Middle Passage, the exhibited video work presents the ocean as a graveyard that carries the lost histories of the African diaspora, its knowledge and technologies, its pains and memories. Deep Down Tidal evokes powerful symbols linking contemporary digital communication to the oppression of black and brown people, past and present. Tabita Rezaire's work appears courtesy of the artist and Goodman Gallery

Photos by Joe Freeman