Photos by Joe Freeman

SYNKRHA Pies & Pastries
Coley Mixan
Bumbershoot 2016

SYNKHRA Pies & Pastries a multi-media installation by Seattle based artist Coley Mixan. SYNKHRA takes place within a full scale mock-up of a bakery, serving as a venue for multiple video works and live performance. Visitors are also invited to participate in the exhibition through eating various baked goods prepared by the artist: pies, cakes, donuts, breads and more.

SYNKHRA playfully reimagines commercialized food culture as a medium for self-transformation and community building. Describing the bakery as: “a space where identity can be made, challenged, queered, spacetimed, leavened, and disjunctured” Mixan empowers visitors to eat their way into a better, more vibrant tomorrow.

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