Rick Silva, Nicolas Sassoon
March 10 - April 28, 2018

Working primarily in video, photography, and installation, Pete Fleming explores the interplay between concept and concrete experience. Fleming uses speculative poetics to digest a mixture of personal observations and theoretical research. Dispersal Patterns is deliberately slow and quite, often silent, focusing on the relationships between object image and text.

A widescreen cinematic water scape appears to be floating within the space upon entrance into the gallery. Objects related to construction are placed through the exhibition, asking the viewer to consider their own fabrications of space. Two analog televisions suspended from the ceiling flash words and phrases communicating the language of dispersal within the context of an underwater landscape that fills the back end of gallery. Within the entire gallery space, a tension between digital mediums begs the question of perception. Simultaneously the environment is slowed down to become contemplative and over time feels detached.

Photos by Joe Freeman